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Function telephones aren’t one factor that takes A lot of consideration Inside the primarystream media, however these models are Utilized by hundreds of hundreds Of people even right now. Properly, to be extra exact, 1 billion feature telephones are presently used On the earth, Based mostly on IDC. Nokia Mobile reported again in 2017 That there have been some 1.3 billion feature telephones in use, so There is a decline Of three00 million in 4 years, Which Isn’t insignificant, however still leaves enough space for producers To primarytain making feature telephones.

It is fascinating to know that feature telephones make 20% of complete Mobile teletelephone gross sales. Smarttelephones dominate the enterprise, and The primary set off is the fixed worth discount that makes them out there to the lots.

Whereas Android GO smarttelephones Might be thought-about a transition from feature telephones to smarttelephones, these models are still not as pretty worthd as KaiOS models. Those models At the second are one factor that Nokia Asha models have been, An right transition in the direction of smarttelephones. There are over 140 fashions of KaiOS models, and 156 million have been shipped, which is A worth Of three.8 billion US dollars. KaiOS models make round 8% of the feature telephone market share.
The primary drawback of KaiOS is its efficiency which Might be greater, and KaiOS introduced it is Engaged on The complete overhaul of the OS, however till that arrives, people will still be using feature telephones.

The most well-appreciated feature telephones in the first 9 months of 2021 are Nokia 105, iTel IT2171, which appears like Nokia 105, Jio Phone, Techno T528 and iTel IT5260 (IDC). Apparently, these 5 telephones make over 20% of The complete feature telephone shipments. It does make me marvel why completely different Nokia telephones like 110 4G or 215 4G Aren’t on the itemizing since They seem cool.

Anyhow, Nokia 105 fashions from 2013 and 2015 have been purchased in 200 million models, and It’d be nice to see What quantity of extra Nokia 105 models Nokia Mobile purchased. Maybe There’s An alternative for Nokia to take The very biggest three places of In all probability the most purchased Mobile teletelephone ever itemizing.


Cheers to Francisco Jeronimo from IDC for sharing this useful knowledge.


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